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I’m sad.

I’m sad because I’ve been let down.

I just don’t know what to think about DC now. I loved DC. I wrote a term paper on them and got a 100. I was proud of how well my favorite comic book company was doing, but now I’m not sure.

Believe me, I will always be loyal to Batman. But that is as far as my loyalty goes. If I had to buy stock in something, I’d buy stock in Rocksteady or Turner to support Batman, but I won’t give money to DC.

They have eliminated several of my favorite characters, mamed others, and turned still others into the complete opposite of what they were created to be.

The first blow had to be Frank Miller. Everyone has probably seen my numerous posts about how Frank Miller is a mysogenistic ass what can’t understand that female characters are not walking sex toys. Selina Kyle is one of the most inspiring and uplifting characters I’ve read, no thanks to Miller and his ilk.

Second was benching Wally. It lessens the pain that Wally is in Young Justice but look at how many people love Wally and want him back! If they had reintroduced Wally earlier in their new 52 run, they would exponentially increased their buyers, but now? There are so many angry people that are boycotting the company that even if they reintroduce the missing characters, they won’t do well.

Third is Barbara Gordon. Yes, she’s a badass. Yes, she’s sexy. No, she is not the only female in the Batverse. No, you can’t just pull her out of a wheel chair that she’s been in for the better part of 30 years. The writers of the comic need to put themselves in the shoes of their readers. Say you were a girl who was paralyzed. You read comics and you find this awesome, sexy, wonderful, amazing badass in a wheelchair that kicks twelve different kinds of ass. You read her stories for a bit, then boom! She’s out of the wheel chair and she’s a noob. What would that do to your self esteem?

I now feel like I’m losing whenever I have a Marvel v. DC argument. It sucks to feel like I’m losing all of the time. I sucks to KNOW that I’m losing. Some reboots of continuity are good, but this… This was unnecessary and unprecedented. I’m still waiting to wake up from this nightmare.

Shipping Roster, YJ addition
Young Justice Fleet:
Supermartian: Upgraded to flagship of the armada recently. The oldest, though not the largest, ship in the fleet. Fights with standard canon.
Spitfire: Experienced rough waters; however, was found to be in excellent fighting condition with canons blazing.
Chalant: Is currently being rebuilt to hold more crew.
Torpedo: Sinking. Small bands of pirates snipe this ship often and have turned her hull into Swiss cheese.
Prettybird: Flying the queen's colors and making the entire fleet proud.
Sillybird: The rarely seen ghost ship that comes for your children in the night.
Redcat: Small pirate ship. Skirts around Happy Harbor looking for smaller ships to prey on.
Young Justice Invasion Fleet:
Spitfire: Upgraded to flagship when Supermartian sank. Currently the largest ship in the fleet rated to have canons.
Supermartian: Presumed sunken. There have been reports of this ship sailing in uncharted waters; however it's not likely that it's still afloat. Captain gone rogue.
Angelfish: Brigantine. Can hold 20 canons. Crew moral low, many have deserted. Captain MIA.
Sillybird: This ship has been spotted frequently of late and can be watched for in Happy Harbor some time soon.
Chalant: Sunken by YJS Sillybird. Her crew members lie in wait on the Sillybird waiting to strike from within.
Malen: Sailing strong, staying out of trouble.
Redcat: Small pirate ship packing as much heat as possible. Captained by Lian Nguyen-Harper.