book 4: korra's life changing field trip with Zuko.
Bring the Poison. The poison for Korra. The poison designed specifically to kill Korra. Korra’s poison.

Ok, let’s get some things straight.

The ending of Korra was rushed and I get that. They only had 14 episodes and they could have managed their time better, but I do think that it was a good way to close the season.

Now, everyone that I’ve seen is bitching about how all that Korra does is pouts on a cliff because she lost her bending while Asami is being strong after the greatest betrayal of her life and everyone else is suffering major trauma of some kind, except for Mako (because 90% of the fandom thinks that Mako should go die, for some reason.)

But, did anyone ever stop and think about this from Korra’s point of view? Sure, she’s the Avatar, she’s kind of got it made. However, she did have her bending taken away.

Has anyone thought of what having her bending taken away would do to her? She doesn’t feel worthy of anyone anymore.

She failed. Everyone.

Korra is going to that cliff not to mope, but to commit suicide. She is going to throw herself off that cliff into the sub zero water of the south pole and let herself freeze or drown. Korra sees herself as worthless and non deserving, so why not just kill herself so that the new Avatar will be born and will maybe do a better job. That is why Aang says “When we are at our lowest point we are open to the greatest change.” Is there a lower point than wanting and being willing to take your own life?

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Anybody have download links for Korra (no torrent please)?